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The Troop Bully

The Troop Bully Is there a Scout intimidating someone in your unit? Here’s how to stop the troop bully. By Kathy Seal Illustrations by Ralph Butler Five Myths About Bullying Seven Steps to Stop Bullying Cyberbullying Get Trained, Online Have you ever been bullied? Probably not like this. One of …

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Attention Life and Eagle Scouts

The Life and Eagle Scouts had a very productive meeting yesterday where the importance of older Scouts was discussed, and the level of involvement by older Scouts was recognized as an opportunity for improvement.  I will highlight some of the strategies that were discussed below. When I reviewed the notes …

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The Missing Older Scout: The Importance of Older Scouts

 Published on February 5, 2013 by Enoch Heise The Missing Older Scout:  The Importance of Older Scouts I have heard many Scouters from across the country comment on how difficult it is to retain older Scouts in their Troops. By “older Scouts” I mean roughly the ages between 15-18. In …

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How do you best serve a troop with many leaders?

How do you best serve a troop with many leaders? Illustrations by Bill Basso From the January-February 2004 issue of Scouting magazine Boy Scout Leadership, Leader Advice and Inspiration, Leaders, What Would You Do? An assistant Scoutmaster says he feels unneeded in a troop with many adult leaders. Readers urge …

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