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Attention Life and Eagle Scouts

The Life and Eagle Scouts had a very productive meeting yesterday where the importance of older Scouts was discussed, and the level of involvement by older Scouts was recognized as an opportunity for improvement.  I will highlight some of the strategies that were discussed below. When I reviewed the notes …

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The Missing Older Scout: The Importance of Older Scouts

 Published on February 5, 2013 by Enoch Heise The Missing Older Scout:  The Importance of Older Scouts I have heard many Scouters from across the country comment on how difficult it is to retain older Scouts in their Troops. By “older Scouts” I mean roughly the ages between 15-18. In …

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ScoutingWire: Alumni Edition for April 15, 2017

    How Scouting makes the Most of Right Now Story contributed by Christine Rasure: Boy Scouts may be boy-led, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing in it for parents. “To me Boy Scouts… Read More Why Camping Should Be On Your Family’s To-Do List The BSA’s marketing intelligence manager Scott …

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Boy Scout Leaders Can Now Get Trained Anywhere At Any Time

It’s midnight, you’re in pajamas and you’re sitting on the couch scrolling Facebook on your tablet. Sounds like the perfect time to get trained. With the launch of Scouting U’s eLearning content for Boy Scout leaders, Scouters now can get trained on their own schedule — anywhere, any time. The …

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How to bandage an accidental pocketknife wound

How to bandage an accidental pocketknife wound By Josh PivenEmergency Preparedness, Life Skills, Magazine, Survive This! Emergency Situation: Pausing for lunch while hiking in a remote region of Zion National Park, you pull out your pocketknife. After slicing a few pieces of dry salami, you begin to fold the blade back. But with …

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How to help kids develop healthier relationships with technology

  How to help kids develop healthier relationships with technology By Mark RayPhotographs by W. Garth DowlingFrom the November-December 2016 issue of Scouting magazineLife Skills, Magazine, Technology, Your Kids Jason Dorsey is a millennial married to a Gen Xer, but he spends a lot of time thinking about and leading national research on Generation Z. …

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How to have meaningful discussions with your child

By Mark RayPhotographs by iStock by Getty ImagesLife Skills, Magazine, Parenting, Your Kids It’s called The Talk — it’s that awkward conversation parents eventually should have with their teens about sex. But The Talk is just one of the many vital discussions between parent and child, says Dr. Tim Hawkes, an Australian educator …

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How do you best serve a troop with many leaders?

How do you best serve a troop with many leaders? Illustrations by Bill Basso From the January-February 2004 issue of Scouting magazine Boy Scout Leadership, Leader Advice and Inspiration, Leaders, What Would You Do? An assistant Scoutmaster says he feels unneeded in a troop with many adult leaders. Readers urge …

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