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Memorial Day Flags example .. Event Creation in TroopTrack – Boy Scout Troop 370 Tyler TX
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Memorial Day Flags example .. Event Creation in TroopTrack

To Troop 370 Leaders,

I need your help.  I want to show you how to easily create an ‘Event’ on our calendar  in TroopTrack …. which will carry through to our website as well as email everybody that you originally intended with notifications and even reminders before the event. This way, with a little additional know-how,  you will effectively ‘kill more birds with that stone’.  This process creates ‘Events’ in the system which we can then easily check off participants and give them credit. This applies to EVERY event whether it is a camp out, service project, meeting or whatever.

Soon, TroopTrack will have ‘RSVP via Email’ which will make it easy for scouts / parents to respond ‘Yay or Nay’ without additional sign-up sheets or the need for logging in,  etc.

Please bear with my efforts.   I hope the pictures are self explanatory..

Events can be created via the ‘Calendar’ or ‘Plan an Event ‘….   (Event is better)


The ‘Location’ box (above) senses the exact ADDRESS for mapping purposes..  Google Maps also recognizes an ‘established location’ as in this case the for Tyler Memorial Cemetery.  Google maps also provides exact share-mapping links that can be copy / pasted for easily clickable links for those on mobile devices looking for where they should go.

Related pictures can be inserted .. In this case I copied the picture URL (web address from a Google image search) … …meaning that….  I did not download the picture .. rather just copy / pasted the link and it inserts the picture from the web.    Pretty cool!


Insert Photo from your computer or web address.

The end result is now ready to ‘Create Event’ and update our calendar and can  be targeted to whomever or whatever group in our system you want to notify….. in case you want to notify everybody or … nobody at all.

BAM!  after a few minutes (to a few hours) the event feed will update our website with an informative calendar link.



FYI,  the system is currently set up to post emails addressed to ‘Everyone’ directly to the website for easy access so they can be quickly referenced in ‘Posts’.   Scoutmaster letters, announcements, FYI’s, and any letters addressed to the ‘members@trooptrack’ will automatically get posted on the website.  If that is a problem for anybody I am open to discussion to change that.

If, when creating a letter, such as an agenda for an upcoming Troop Meeting it can be copy / pasted (at the same time) into that pre-calendared event in the TroopTrack Calendar and it will show in the description of the meeting link on the site.

The website was designed to be an easy information center for all.  If we as leaders will input our info into TroopTrack in the right places it will be easy for all to see and understand.

I need your help with this…. however,  I also know this is not for everybody….


…….  Create an event (or edit it) …. type in the details … that’s about it…. 

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